Open Auditions for Tango Cabaret in The Tampa Florida Area - (Tampa)

Posted on: 11/08/17


Tango Cabaret Spectacular” AUDITIONS Please note there may be a fee involved. Tango Cabaret Spectacular is placed in mid-1920’s Buenos Aires, Argentina. The show bridges together soul music and resembles the various cabaret music styles of the world. Tango cabaret brings out mysticism, sensuality, and the essence of man’s style and masculinity. If cast in Tango Cabaret Spectacular, rehearsals and training sessions as well as show dates will be required. In addition, further required training will be necessary if asked to stay with the company, to proceed in an internship in the ballroom dance teaching industry.ATTENTION: Please be 10-15 minutes early for registration. In addition all auditionees should come prepared with two outfits. One of dance wear and the other business attire. Be ready to learn choreography on the spot. *No ballroom experience necessary. Looking for people with strong physical skills. I.e. Dancers, athletes, breakdancers, gymnast, fitness enthusiast, etc. Tango Cabaret Spectacular AUDITIONS Tuesday, October 17th at 3:00 PM EST & Wednesday, October 18th at 3:00 PM EST 4069 Cortez Rd Bradenton Florida 34210

Ad Number: 21065647