Entertainment Company seeks two unique ladies for a unique Lifestyle opportunity - (Tampa)

Posted on: 07/05/17


I am passionate about you accomplishing the things that some feel impossible. I create a positive atmosphere in a business that can be crappy and disingenuous. The level of attention to detail in unparalleled and the standards that I set for the Ladies that I represent, always above par. For those who prefer the management approach vs a typical Agency -- there is no better place that with Me and my band of crazy folks here at POSH. There is SO much more that I can share, but I would like to know you better and find the perfect place for you, if we are a good fit for each other. Yes...my process is challenging, yes, the work style is different from most places, but I know that you don't want the average.. I know you dont want the same , boring mutinous, mundane program...so reach out to me ad find out how we can change your situation. Contact ----> www.poshadult.com // poshadult@gmail.com

Ad Number: 21065626