$25 Silver Coins turned into STUNNING Coin Ring - $25 (Tampa)

Posted on: 12/27/17



Come get your authentic US Mint Silver coin rings handmade by me in the denomination of your choice: (1986-Date) American Silver Eagle (99.93% Silver) (1971-1978) Eisenhower Silver Dollar (40% Silver) (1921-1935) Peace Dollar (90% Silver) (1878-1921) Morgan Dollar (90% Silver) (1965-1970) Kennedy Dollar (60% Silver) (1964) Kennedy Half Dollar (90% Silver) (1948-1963) Franklin Half Dollar (90% Silver) (1916-1947) Walking Liberty Half Dollar (90% Silver) (1892-1915) Barber Half Dollar (90% Silver) (1932-1964) Washington Quarter (90% Silver) (1916-1930) Standing Liberty Quarter (90% Silver) (1892-1916) Barber Quarter (90% Silver) (1946-1964) Roosevelt Dime (90% Silver) (1916-1945) Mercury Dime (90% Silver) (1892-1916) Barber Dime (90% Silver) (1942-1945) Jefferson Nickel (35% Silver) You have 2 options here with regards to your silver coin ring. I can provide the coin(s) or you can provide one for me My prices are as follows: My coin: Silver Dollar $100, Silver Half Dollar $75, Silver Quarter $60, Silver Dime $50 Your coin: Silver Dollar $50, Silver Half Dollar $40, Silver Quarter $30, Silver Dime $25 FYI: The smaller coins such as the silver dimes and the nickels are very difficult, if not impossible, to effective stretch into adult size rings. These small coins are best used for children sized rings or necklace rings. NOTE: If I do not have the coin of your choice I will, for your convenience, order the coin and have it delivered to my shop. Upon arrival of the coin(s) I will proceed with the work required to transform the coin into a piece of art ring. Depending on my personal and work schedule I can usually get 1-2 or so coins done in a day's time. If you can give me several days heads up on what you want/need that would be great. I can check my on-hand inventory for your wanted date and denomination if you'd like but that changes daily. These silver coin rings are great for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of providing you with a great handmade ring that is not only good looking but also contains a precious metal, silver (or even platinum if you wish). Best Regards, Jeff

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